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Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Cake & Food Decorating by Wilton: Magic for your Table; Baker's Wholesale Edition * * poor no date $5.00 ** Magazine
Call Me "Mendel" Emanuel "Bud-Mendel" Blumberg * fair 1976 $7.00 ** *
Camping Journal's Outdoor Cookbook First Edition Gerry Steindler Davis Publications good 1972 $5.00 ** paperback
Carefree Cooking Electrically 4th printing * Edison Electric Institute good 1951 $5.00 ** paperback
Cat Angels edited by Jeff Rovin; illustrated by Ernie Colon Harper Paperbacks poor 1995 $5.00 ** paperback
Catholic and Christian: An Explanation of Commonly Misunderstood Catholic Beliefs Alan Schreck Servant Books, Ann Arbor, MI Fair 1984 $3.00 ** paperback
Channel Magazine August 1999 * * excellent 1999 $5.00 2lbs. Halle Berry cover
Channel Magazine June 1999 * * excellent 1999 $5.00 2lbs. Sarah Jessica Parker cover
Channels Magazine December 1999 * * excellent 1999 $10.00 2lbs. Yasmine Bleeth cover
Channels Magazine February 2000 * * excellent 2000 $10.00 2lbs. Laura Dern cover
Channels Magazine May 2001 * * excellent 2001 $10.00 2lbs. Tara Reid cover
Channels Magazine October 2001 * * excellent 2001 $10.00 2lbs. In Our Hearts cover
Channels Magazine September 2000 * * excellent 2000 $10.00 2lbs. Brittany Murphy cover
Chaos: Making a New Science James Gleick Penguin Books good 1987 $5.00 ** paperback
Charles Dickens' Best Stories Edited by Morton Dauwen Zabel Hanover House, Garden City, NY fair 1959 $7.00 ** hardback
Cherokee Woman Francis M. Davis-signed, probably 1st edition Branden Press fine 1973 $100.00 ** hardback
Chevrolet ad not dated * * excellent no date $10.00 ** none
Child Life The Children's Own Magazine May 1939 * Rand McNally Publisher fair 1939 $15.00 ** paper
Childcraft in 14 volumes: Volume One Poems of Early Childhood * The Quarrie Corporation, Chicago fair 1939 $10.00 ** hardback
Child's Lesson-Book on the New Testament Designed for Sunday Schools and Families * New York: Published by Carlton & Porter, Sunday School Union, 200 Mulberry-Street poor 1851 $5.00 ** cloth and boards
China! Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century an excerpt from By Their Blood James and Marti Hefley Mott Media good 1978 $7.00 ** paperback; complimentary review copy
Chinese Art- Recent Discoveries Michael Sullivan Thames & Hudson good 1973 $10.00 ** paperback
Choice Hymns of the Faith 2 copies * Published by Walterick Printing Company for Gospel Perpetuating Fund, Fort Dodge, Iowa fair 1945 $6.00 ** hardback
Chop Suey, a la carte; Chinese cookbook: selected 62 recipes compiled by Chinese Cooking Companions Japan Publications Trading Co. Excellent 1968 $5.00 ** Trade Paper
Christian Service Songs Berwick Baptist Missionary Society, Sylvia Smith (Esther Smith 1989) * The Rodeheaver-Hall-Mack Co. good 1939 $7.00 ** paperback
Christian Worship: A Hymnal (Esther Smith) * Christian Board of Publication, Bethany Press, St. Louis fair 1945 $7.00 ** paperback
Christians in the Shadow of the Kremlin: The Truth about Life in the Spiritually Starved Soviet Union Anita and Peter Deyneka, Jr. David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Ill good 1975 $6.00 ** paperback
Christians You Should Know Ruth Johnson Jay Back to the Bible, Lincoln, Nebraska Excellent 1960 $20.00 ** Paper cover
Churches of Today in the Light of Scripture L.G. Tomlinson Gospel Advocate Company, Nashville, Tennessee Good 1955 $20.00 ** John J. Owen
Churchill Taken from the Diaries of Lord Moran The Struggle for Survival 1940-1965 * Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston good 1966 $12.00 ** hardback
Clock-watcher's Cookbook Minute Rice General Foods Corporation Excellent 1973 $5.00 ** paper
Collision Course Robert Silverbert Ace Science Fiction, Grosset & Dunlap fair 1961 $5.00 ** paperback
Colonial Living Edwin Tunis The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York good 1957 $15.00 ** hardback
Combat Aviation Keith Ayling Military Service Publishing Co., Harrisburg, Pa. poor 1943 $18.00 ** hardback
Combat--The War With Japan Don Congdon, editor Dell First Edition fair 1962 $5.00 ** paperback
Come, Lord Jesus! (3 copies) Mark G. Cambron Grace Publishing Company, P.O. Box 23385, Tampa, FL 33622 good 1959 $5.00 ** Trade Paper
Comentario Exegetico y Explicativo de la Biblia Tomo I: El Antiguo Testamento Roberto Jamieson, A.R. Fausset, David Brown Casa Bautista de Publicaciones, El Paso, TX fair 1988? $30.00 ** hardback
Competent to Counsel Jay E. Adams Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI good 1970 $10.00 ** paperback
Concise Business Arithmetic, Florida Edition Moore & Miner GInn and Company Fair, some pages are torn or missing in the front and rear, but text is complete * $5.00 ** hardback
Confessions of Faith, Catechisms, Directories, Form of Church-Government, Discipline, Etc. of Publick Authority in the Church of Scotland * Printed and Sold by John Bryce at his shop in the Salt-Market, 1764 Good 1764 $100.00 ** not found
Conquest of the Sea Cord-Christian Troebst; translated from the German by Brian C. Price and Elsbeth Price Harper & Brothers, Publishers, New York and London good 1962 $12.00 ** Hardback; ex-library
Considerations on the Life and Death of St. John the Baptist, The Second Edition George Horne, D.D., President of Magdalen College Oxford at the Clarendon Press, sold by Daniel Prince; and G. Robinson, London Poor 1777 $500.00 ** not found - other works up to 1200
Consumer Reports 1954 Buying Guide * Consumers Union fair Dec 1953 $5.00 ** Trade Paper
Consumer Reports 1955 Buying Guide * Consumers Union fair Dec 1954 $5.00 ** Trade Paper
Cooking With Electric Appliances Poppy Cannon McFadden-Bartell good 1961 $5.00 ** paperback
Cooking Without a Grain of Salt Elma W. Bagg Bantam Nutrition Books good 1981 $5.00 ** paper
Cosmopolitan Magazine February 1957, Audrey Hepburn cover * Hearst Corporation good 1957 $25.00 ** paper
Country Ways A Celebration of Rural Life * Reader's Digest excellent 1988 $2.95 ** First Edition
Cover Up Harry S. Dent Here's Life Publishers excellent 1986 $20.00 ** First Edition Signed by author
Creative Cooking Kay Kellogg's Kellogg Company fair 1971 $5.00 ** paper
Cross Creek Majorie Kinnan Rawlings; decorations by Edward Shenton Charles Scribner's Sons, New York good 1942 $15.00 ** hardback
Culinary Capers with Lo-moisture foods from Perma-Pak * Perma-Pak, Inc. fair 1972 $6.00 ** spiral bound
Cutco Cook Book World's Finest Cutlery Vol. I Margaret Mitchell Cutco Division, Wear-Ever Aluminum good 1956 $10.00 ** hardback
Cutter's Guide to the Hot Springs of Arkansas 1905 48th Edition 708th Thousand Charles Cutter Charles Cutter good 1905 $100.00 ** paper
Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations Revised Edition J.K. Hoyt Funk & Wagnalls Company poor 1896 $20.00 ** Hardback


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Daily Life in Ancient India from Approximately 200 BC to 700 AD Jeannine Auboyer The MacMillan Company fair 1965 $10.00 ** Hardback--no dust jacket
Daily Scripture Promises to the Living Christian Samuel Clarke, D.D. New York: Robert, Carter & Brothers, No. 530 Broadway Poor 1879 $10.00 ** not found
Dailyaide: the Silent Secretary 1943 Contains what seems to be birthdates for family members of Leonard Davis * fair 1943 $10.00 ** hardback
Danger Signs in Prophecy: Read the Manual Randolph F. Busby Maranatha Ministries, Inc., Gainesville, FL Excellent 2000 $10.00 ** Softcover
Danny Orlis and the Football Fued Bernard Palmer Moody Press, Chicago fair 1971 $5.00 ** paperback
Day by Day With Jesus Daily Devotions for the Grade School Child signed first edition Gladys A. Sandberg; illustrations by Dorothy Norquist & Edvin Holmer Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, Illinois Good 1948 $7.00 ** *
Day of Fate Rev. E.P. Roe Dodd, Mead & Company, New York poor 1880 $5.00 ** hardback
Delicious Dishes for Dieters No-Author Knox Gelatine, Johnstown, NY good no date $5.00 ** paper
Demons, Witches, and the Occult Josh McDowell and Don Stewart Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. good 1989 $5.00 ** paperback
Denounced J. Bloundelle-Burton The St. Hubert Guild, Akron, Ohio very poor 1896 $5.00 ** binding is solid; cover is in poor condition
DeShazer, The Doolittle Raider Who Turned Missionary Charles Hoyt Watson The Light and Life Press, Winona Lake, IN good 1950 $15.00 ** hardback
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction & Speculative Fact Vol.1 No. 4 James Baen, Editor Ace Books fair 1979 $5.00 ** paperback
Dispensational Truth Clarence Larkin Rev. Clarence Larkin Est., 2802 N. Park Avenue, Philadelphia 32, PA, USA Good c1920 25th printing $25.00 ** hardback
Do It Crazy Do It Smart James Omvig The American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults * 1997 $10.00 ** paperback
Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders 33rd Anniversary Reunion April 17-19, 1975 David Clapp, Editor Hank Druckerman Advertising, Inc., Coral Gables, FL * 1975 $25.00 ** paper
Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary 23rd Edition * W.B. Saunders Company fair 1957 $13.00 ** hardback
Dr. Atlins' Diet Revolution Robert C. Atkins, M.D. David McKay Company good 1973 $10.00 ** Hardback with dust jacket
Dr. Chase's Receipt Book and Household Physician; or Practical Knowledge for the People A.W. Chase, M.D. F.B. Dickerson Co., Detroit, MI poor 1891 $30.00 ** Hardback
Dr. D. Jayne's Medical Almanac 1893 Dr. D. Jayne Dr. D. Jayne & Sons, Philadelphia poor 1893 $50.00 ** paperback; front page coming off. The 50th year of publication
Drama Guild Plays: Bandits for Breakfast A Comedy in Three Acts Paul S. McCoy Drama Guild Publishers, Boston fair 1942 $7.00 ** paperback
Dress Development * Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Scranton PA good 1923 $10.00 ** Paper cover
Duty with Illustrations of Courage, Patience, and Endurance Samuel Smiles, LL.D. Chicago: Donohoe, Henneberry & Co., 407-429 Dearborn Street very poor no date $10.00 ** hardback
Duty with Illustrations of Courage, Patience, and Endurance Samuel Smiles, LL.D. Donohue, Henneberry & Co., 407 to 425 Dearborn St., Chicago Poor no date $10.00 ** hardback


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Eagle of the Sea, the Story of Old Ironsides Bruce Grant; illustrated by Gordon Grant Rand McNally & Co., Chicago good 1951 $10.00 ** hardback
Easter Alan W. Watts Henry Schuman fair 1950 $35.00 ** hardback
Easy, Appealing Milk-Free Recipes * Mead, Johnson & Co. Very Good 1967 $20.00 ** Trade Paper
Eating Health Foods * American Diabetes Association, Inc. very good 1988 $5.00 ** Softcover
Educational Psychology: Human Equipment and Behavior, Learning Tests, Mental Hygiene, School Subjects, 5th Edition Pinter, Ryan, Aleck, West, Crow, Smith Barnes & Noble, Inc., NY fair 1953 $10.00 ** paperback
Educational Psychology: Instruction and Behavioral Change Francis J. DiVesta, George G. Thompson Appleton-Century-Crofts Educational Division, Meredith Corporation very good 1970 $5.00 ** hardback text
Eerdman's Family Encyclopedia of the Bible T. DeWitt Talmage People's Publishing Co. Good 1978 $10.00 ** hardback, no dust jacket
Egermeier's Bible Story Book (label inside for Ann Martin with all kinds of notes) * pages missing * $7.00 ** *
Eighteen Miles of History John Bailey Lloyd Down the Shore Publishing, NJ good 1987 $24.00 ** softcover
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Happiness and Tears William Jay Jacobs Coward-McCann, Inc., New York Excellent 1983 $15.00 ** hardback
Elections 1964 Edwin A. Roberts, Jr. National Observer good 1964 $7.00 ** softcover
Electric Lamps and Electric Lighting J.A. Fleming The D. Van Nostrand Company, London poor; mildew, insect damage 1894 $35.00 ** Hardback
Elements of Bookkeeping Joseph H. Palmer Sheldon & Co., N.Y. Good 1882 $15.00 ** hardback
Emily Post's Pocket Book of Etiquette Elizabeth Post Pocket Books, NY fair 1967 $5.00 ** paperback
Emily Sherman Nellie Grahame Presbyterian Board of Publications, Philadelphia, 1334 Chestnut Street fair 1865 $50.00 ** hardback
Encyclopedia of Superstitions E. and M.A. Radford The Philosophical Library, New York Good 1949 $25.00 ** hardback
Engine Whistles Golden Anniversary Edition (2 copies) Mabel O'Donnell Row Peterson and Company good 1957 $12.00 ** Hardback
Equal Justice Under Law Melville Bell Grosvenor, editor National Geographic Society good 1965 $5.00 ** hardback
Escape from Reason Francis A. Schaeffer Inter-Varsity Press good 1970 $10.00 ** paperback; 4th printing
Essential Lessons in Human Physiology andHygiene for Schools W.E. Baldwin, M.D. American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago Good condition overall; greyish cover hardbound 1896 $10.00 ** *
Essential Stitches and Seams * Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Scranton PA Good with dust jacket 1922 $15.00 ** *
Eternal Praise For the Church and Sunday School Compiled and Edited by Marion Lawrence and E.O. Excell Hope Publishing Company, Chicago fair 1917 $10.00 ** note inside cover: this book belongs to J.S. O'Roan; also a card-type photo of a woman from Cincinnati and a clipping about tatted lace edging
Everyday Life in Bible Times with Maps * National Geographic Society Excellent 1968 2nd printing $19.00 ** Hardback with good dust jacket
Everywoman E Magazine June 1966 * Odhams Press Ltd. * * $5.00 ** *
Exchange Lists for Meal Planning * American Diabetes Association, Inc. Very Good 1989 $6.00 ** *
Exploring the Secrets of Space: Astronautics for the Layman I.M. Levitt and Dandridge M. Cole Prentice-Hall, Inc. good 1963 $22.00 ** hardback


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Family Fare: Food Management and Recipes; Home and Garden Bulletin #1 * U.S. Department of Agriculture fair 1950 $5.00 ** paperback
Family Home Medical Guide G.N. Gillum Wilcox & Follet Co., Chicago Fair 1946 $75.00 ** paperback
Family Treasury of Great Biographies Vol. I None Given--1st edition Readers Digest good 1970 $7.00 ** hardback
Famous Flyers and the Ships they Flew Don Dwiggins Grosset & Dunlap, New York good 1969 $10.00 ** hardback; ex-library
Famous Science Fiction Stories: Adventures in Time and Space edited by Raymond J. Healy and J. Francis McComas The Modern Library fair 1957 $10.00 ** hardback
Farm and Home June 1925, Western Edition Herbert Myrick, Editor in Chief Phelps Publishing Company, Chicago, IL very poor 1925 $7.00 ** paper
Farm Journal's Country Cookbook Edited by Nell B. Nichols Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, NY fair 1959 $8.00 ** *
Farmer's Almanac 1969 Edited by Ray Geiger Almanac Publishing good 1966 $4.00 ** *
Farmer's Almanac 1969 Edited by Ray Geiger Almanac Publishing good 1968 $4.00 ** *
Farragut and our Naval Commanders Hon. J.T. Headley E.B. Treat & Co., Publishers good 1867 $55.00 ** *
Fast Facts on False Teachings Ron Carlson, Ed Decker Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon Excellent 1994 $8.00 ** *
Fatherhood Bill Cosby Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, NY Excellent 1986 $5.00 ** Hardback--no dust jacket
Fatherhood of God--Brotherhood of Man Is It True? (signed copy) Rev. George A. Brown Evangelical Publishers, Toronto, Canada Good no date $20.00 ** *
Favorite Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Introduction by Henry Seidel Canby Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, NY fair 1947 $6.00 ** hardback; pages okay, first page loose
Favorite Recipes compiled and published by Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church of1970? McPhe$25.00rson KS compiled and published by Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church of McPherson KS good 1940 $25.00 ** spiral bound
Favorites Number Five Compiled by Alfred B. Smith and John W. Peterson Singspiration, Inc., Zondervan Publishing House good 1961? $15.00 ** paperback
First Latin Exercise Book New Edition George L. Bennett, M.A. Boston: John Allyn, Publishers Fair 1874 $15.00 ** *
First on the Moon: A Voyage with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E. ALdrin, Jr. epilogue by Arthur C. Clarke Little, Brown and Co., Boston fair 1970 $20.00 ** hardback with dust jacket; first edition
First Spelling Dictionary * Open Court Publishing Co. fair 1967 $5.00 ** paper
First Step Up Toward Heaven: Hubert Eaton and the Forest Lawn Story Adela Rogers St.Johns Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ very poor 1960 3rd printing $5.00 ** paperback
First Steps in Dressmaking * Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Scranton PA good 1934 $12.00 ** Hardback
Fitness After Forty Eric Taylor Arc Books, Inc., NY good 1966 $7.00 ** paperback
Five Lies of the Century David T. Moore Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, IL Excellent 1995 $15.00 ** Trade Paper
Five Missionary Minutes: Brief Missionary Material for Platform Use in the Sunday School for 52 Sundays a Year; First Series George H. Trull Sunday School Department, Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. poor 1912 $6.00 ** Hardcover
Flags of the U.S.A. Enlarged Edition David Eggenberger Thomas Y. Crowell Company, NY poor 1959 $12.00 ** Hardback--no dust jacket; ex library
Florida Cruise Norman Alan Hill, editor George W. King Printing Co., Baltimore, Md. good 1945 $20.00 ** *
Florida Guide A. Lowell Hunt Charles Scribner's Sons, New York good 1991? $12.00 ** magazine
Florida's Airforce Robert Hawk-signed 1st edition Walsworth Press, Marceline, Md. excellent 1990 $35.00 ** *
Flower Arrangement for Churches Adelaide B. Wilson; photography: black & white by Miriam Phair Rhine; color by Roche M. Barrows & Company, Inc., NY good 1952 $12.00 ** hardback with folded dust jacket
Flowering Trees of the Caribbean paintings by Bernard & Harriet Pertchik, intro by William C. White Rhinehart & Co. fair 1951 $25.00 ** hardback
Flying Aces of World War I Gene Gurney Scholastic Book Services fair 1973 second printing $5.00 ** paperback ex library
Focs'le Days Anton Otto Fischer Charles Scribner's Sons, New York good 1947 $12.00 ** hardback
Folk Art and Folk Artists in Hungary translated by Eva Racz Corvina Press good 1968 $20.00 ** Hardback with dust jacket
Following the Equator A Journey Around the World Vol II Illustrated Mark Twain author's national edition Harper & Brothers Publishers NY & London fair 1899 $20.00 ** Hardback
For 24 Plain signed copy Harry Golden The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York good 1943 $50.00 ** hardback
For the Love of Cats Amy D. Shojai and Irene Gizzi Publications International, Ltd. excellent 1995 $16.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
For This I Was Born: The Captivating Story of Louis T. Talbot (2 copies) Carol Talbot Moody Press, Chicago good 1977 $6.00 each ** paperback
Foreign Devils on the Silk Road Peter Hopkirk The University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst good 1984 $15.00 ** paperback
Friar Jerome's Beautiful Book Thomas Bailey Aldrich; decorations by W.S. Hadaway Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston Fair 1896 $30.00 ** *
From Beowulf to Thomas Hardy Revised Edition Vol II Robert Shafer, Ph.D. Doubleday, Doral & Company, Inc., Garden City, NY poor 1931 $5.00 ** hardback; lots of notes by a user; Mary Francis Chafin
From Dawn to Daylight or The Simple Story of a Western Home By a Minister's Wife (Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher) New York: Hurst & Company Publishers very poor no date $20.00 ** hardback
From Grover Cleveland to Gerald Ford...The PResident Speaks off-the-record Harold Brayman Dow Jones Books poor 1976 $5.00 ** hardback with insect damage
From the Lands of the Scythians Thomas Hoving, director Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art good 1975? $16.00 ** hardback
Frontiers of Astronomy Fred Hoyle Signet Science Library fair 1963 sixth printing $5.00 ** paperback
Full Assurance H.A. Ironside Moody Press, Chicago fair 1937 $12.00 ** Trade Paper
Fun Fare: A Treasury of Reader's DIgest Wit and Humor illustrations by Robert Day Reader's Digest good 1949 $5.00 ** Hardback
Functional Handwriting John G. Kirk & Frank N. Freeman Zaner-Bloser Co., Columbus, Ohio good 1936 $20.00 ** hardback