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Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
1984 Farmers' Almanac Ray Geiger, editor Cal Gas Propane good 1984 $5.00 ** paperback
2000 Insults for all occasions Louis A. Safian Pocket Books, NY good 1970 $5.00 ** Trade Paper


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
A Book About A Thousand Things George Stimpson Harper & Brothers, Publishers, New York and London fair 1946 $5.00 ** hardback
A Boys-Life of General Pershing George Durston Saalfield Publishing, Chicago fair 1919 $5.00 ** hardback
A Cavalcade of Collier's Kenneth McArdle A.S. Barnes & Company Good 1959 $15.00 ** hardback, with dust jacket
A Choice, not an Echo: the Inside Story of how American Presidents are Chosen" Phyllis Schlafly Pere Marquette Press good 1964 $35.00 ** paperback; Hard to find!
A Coloured Key to the Wild Fowl of the World Peter Scott W.R. Royce good 1965 $10.00 ** paperback
A Compilation of the Messeges & Papers of the Presidents Vol. IV James D. Richardson, editor Bureau of National Literature good 1897 $7.00 ** hardback
A Complete Arithmetic Uniting Mental and Written Exercises E.E. White, M.A., LL.D. American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago poor 1870 $5.00 ** *
A Devotee and a Darling or the Difference Between Them Becca Middleton Samson David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Ill good 1897? $16.00 ** paper
A Doctor Discusses Diabetes: Companion to Creative Cooking Sugar Free Lou Joseph Budlong Press Co. good 1982 $20.00 ** paperback
A First Primary Book in Religion Elizabeth Colson The Abingdon Press, New York, Cincinnati fair 1920 $10.00 ** *
A Foreign Devil in China (Billy Graham Crusade Edition) John C. Pollock World Wide Publications good 1971 $1.00 ** Paperback
A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya First Edition Linda Schele and David Freidel William Morrow and Co. Excellent 1990 $30.00 ** Hardback with dust jacket
A Full History of the Wonderful Career of Moody and Sankey in Great Britain and America Rev. E.J. Goodspeed, D.D. New York: Henry S. Goodspeed & Company, 14 Barclay Street and 287 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio very poor 1876 $15.00 ** belonged to Emil Elbe
A Gospel Song Service compiled Especially for the Morning Cheer Broadcasts Alfred B. Smith & Horace Perkins, Jr. Trade Paperback fair 1919 $15.00 ** spiral bound paperback cover
A Guide to Naval Strategy Bernard Brodie Princeton University Press good 1944 $15.00 ** hardback
A History of Man's Progress Harold Warp Pioneer Village, Minden Nebraska Excellent 1967 $15.00 ** Paperback
A Know-So Salvation John R. Rice Sword of the Lord, Murfreesboro, TN good 1953 $50.00 ** hardback, signed first edition
A Look at the New Testament Henrietta C. Mears Regal Books fair 1966 $3.00 ** paperback
A Manual of Pronunciation Otis Ashmore, Superintendent of Schools, Savannah, GA Ginn and Company poor 1904 $4.00 ** *
A Nation Needs to Pray Robert B. Anderson; Frances Orkin, Photographic Consultant Thomas Nelson & Sons Good 1963 $15.00 ** *
A New Method of Learning the French Language Louis Fasquelle, LL.D. American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago Good condition 1860 $24.00 ** *
A Panorama of Florida (2 copies) David A. Bice Jalamap Publishing, Charleston, W.V. good 1982 $10.00 ** hardback
A Practical System of Book-Keeping by Single and Double Entry Ira Mayhew, A.M. Bazin & Ellsworth, Boston fair * $20.00 **
A Primer of the History of the Holy Catholic Church in Ireland Supplemy Vol. 3rd Ed. William Curry Dublin: J. M'Glashan, S.B. Oldham, W. Curry and Co., J. Robertson, and Geor ge HErbert; William S. Orr and Co., London; The Tract Shop, Cork. Fair: some water damage caused mildew 1851 $20.00 ** Hardback
A School History of the United States William Swinton American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago poor 1871 $4.00 ** *
A Subtreasury of American Humor E.B. White and Katherine S. White, editors Coward-McCann, Inc., New York very poor 1941 $5.00 ** hardback
A Summary of Facts & Principles as to the Fellowship of Open Brethren Benj. C. Greenman, Bedford, NS Bible Truth Depot, 13 Cogswell Street, Halifax, NS fair no date $50.00 ** soft cover; Hard to find!
A System of Astronomy, Intended to Explain Upon NEw and Perfect Principles, the Laws of Planetary Motion Throughout the Universe: Being an Analysis of the Agencies of Heat, Cold, and Gravitation in Producing Harmony in the Movements of the Heavenly Bodies, Both Diurnal and Annual: Together with a New Theory of the Tides: Designed to Expose the Fallacies of the Newtonian System John Adams New York: Published for the author by Fowlers and Wells Water damaged at some point; a few loose pages but all seem to be present; spine binding is gone but covers are still loosely attached 1848 $40.00 ** hardback
A Traveller's Guide to Spurgeon Country Eric W. Hayden Pilgrim Publications, Pasadena, TX good 1974 $4.00 ** soft cover
A Treasury of Great Mysteries 2 Volumes edited by Howard Haycraft and JOhn Beecroft Nelson Doubleday Inc. fair 1957 $10.00 ** hardback
Absolute Surrender Andrew Murray Moody Colportage Library poor 1897 $9.00 ** paperback
Adventures in the Study of the Bible Minor Bryant C.R. Gibson & Co. Excellent 1961 $20.00 ** paperback
Advice to Young Ladies on their Duties and Conduct in Life T.S. Arthur Boston: Phillips & Sampson, 110 Washington Street fair 1848 $23.00 ** *
Agricultural Almanac 1919 * John Bear's Sons Fair 1919 $20.00 ** paperback
Agricultural Almanac 1920 * John Bear's Sons Fair 1920 $20.00 ** paperback
Air Force John O. Watson Gossett & Dunlap N.Y. poor 1943 $5.00 ** hardback; cover is bug eaten, novelization by Watson from the screenplay by Dudley Nichols. Given to dad by mom 19 May 1943
Air Force Officer's Guide none listed The Military Service Publishing Co., Harrisburg fair 1951 $10.00 ** hardback; 5th edition
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine February 1998 * Dell Magazines fair 1998 $5.00 ** magazine
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine May 1997 * Dell Magazines fair 1997 $5.00 ** magazine
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine November 1997 * Dell Magazines fair 1997 $5.00 ** magazine
All About Saling the Seven Seas Ruth Brindze All About Books, Random House, NY very poor 1962 $5.00 ** hardback; ex-library
All About the Human Body Bernard Glemser; Illustrated by Felix Traugott Random House, NY fair 1958 $5.00 ** hardback; cover is damaged
All About the Stars Anne Terry White; illustrated by Marvin Bileck Random House, NY very good 1954 $7.00 ** hardback; cover is damaged
All About the Wonders of Chemistry Ira M. Freeman; illustrated by George Wilde Random House, NY fair 1954 $5.00 ** hardback
All Bible Graded Series * Scripture Press Foundation, Wheaton Fair 1948 $12.00 ** paperback
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things Robert Fulgham Villard Books, NY fair 1989 $5.00 ** paperback
All New Cookbooks for Diabetics and their Families Harriet P. Dustan, M.D. Oxmoor House Excellent 1988 $10.00 ** Spiral bound
Amana Complete Guide to Home Freezing * Amana Refrigeration good no date $10.00 ** paper cover
Amazing Science Fiction Stories combined with Fantastic Nov 1983 (47734) * Dell Magazines good 1983 $5.00 ** magazine
Amazing Science Fiction Stories combined with Fantastic Sep 1982 (47734) * Dell Magazines good 1982 $5.00 ** magazine
American Medical Association First Aid Manual * American Medical Association good 1967 $5.00 ** paperback
American Vignettes A Collection of Footnotes to History John I. White; original drawings by Jerry Allison TravelVision, A Division of General Drafting Co., Inc. Convent Station, NJ good 1976 $6.00 ** paperback
Americare First Aid Book originally published as Better Homes and Gardens First Aid for Your Family * Meredith Publishing good 1960 $8.00 ** hardback
Amish-Dutch Coloring Book * Conestoga Crafts, Gettysburg, PA Excellent no date $15.00 ** Trade Paper
Among the Amish Mel Horst; text by Elmer L. Smith Applied Arts Publishers, Lebanon, PA Excellent 1986 $10.00 ** Trade Paper
Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette A Guide to Gracious Living Drawings by Fred McCarroll, Mary Suzuki, and Andrew Warhol Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, NY good 1958 $20.00 ** hardback
Amy Vanderbilt's Everyday Etiquette; Answers to Today's Etiquette Questions Amy Vanderbilt; drawings by Mary Suzuki and Andrew Warhol Hanover House, Garden City, NY good 1956 $12.00 ** hardback
An Aquarium Glenn O. Blough Row Peterson and Company fair 1952 $5.00 ** paperback
An Illustrated Guid to Modern Submarines, the Undersea Weapons that rule the Oceans Today David Miller An Arco Military Book, Prentice Hall Press 1987 First Prentice Hall Edition $5.00 ** Hardback
An Outline of General Psychology Revised Fryer and Henry Barnes & Noble, Inc., NY fair 1941 $10.00 ** paperback
An Outline of History of China Tung-Chi-Ming, compiler Joint Publishing Co. Hong Kong good 1959 $8.00 ** paperback
Analytic Elocution James E. Murdoch American Book Co. fair 1884 $15.00 ** hardback
Anna Karenina in two Volumes Leo Tolstoy; translated from the Russian by Constance Garnet; illustrations by Philip Reisman Random House, NY poor 1939 $35.00 ** hardback set in box
Annie Oakley (Originally Published as Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot) Ellen Wilson Random House, NY good 1979 $5.00 ** paperback
Annual Report, Transit Authority Metro Dade Raymond W. Butler Jr. No Publisher poor 1999 $25.00 ** softcover
Another Hand on Mine: The Story of Dr. Carl K. Becker of Africa Inland Mission William J. Petersen McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. good 1967 $20.00 ** *
Anthony Adverse Hervey Allen; Decorations by Allan McNab Farrar & Rinehart, Incorporated, New York fair 1933 $5.00 ** hardback
Appointment on the Moon: The Inside Story of America's Space Venture Richard S. Lewis The Viking Press, NY good 1968 $25.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
Are We Living in the End Times Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, IL Excellent 1999 $10.00 ** Trade Paper
Are We Living in the End Times Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, IL Good 1999 $17.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
Arguments Deductive Logic Exercises Howard Pospesel Prentice-Hall, Inc. fair 1971 $10.00 ** paperback
Arizona Highways December 1956 Raymond Carlson, Editor Arizona Highway Department fair 1956 $5.00 ** Paper cover
Arizona Highways December 1963 Raymond Carlson, Editor Arizona Highway Department fair 1963 $5.00 ** Paper cover
Arizona Highways January 1962 Raymond Carlson, Editor Arizona Highway Department fair 1962 $5.00 ** Paper cover
Arizona Highways May 1956 Raymond Carlson, Editor Arizona Highway Department fair 1956 $5.00 ** paperback
Arizona Highways October 1964 Raymond Carlson, Editor Arizona Highway Department fair 1964 $5.00 ** Paper cover
Around the World in 2,000 Pictures Edited by A. Milton Runyon and Vilma F. Bergane Doubleday, Page & Co. Garden City, NJ Yellow and black cover; fair condition 1956 $10.00 ** hardback
Around the World in 2,000 Pictures Edited by A. Milton Runyon & Vilma F. Bergane Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, NY fair 1959 $10.00 ** Hardback
Arthur Frommer's Guide to London 1979-80 Stanley Haggart, Darwin Porter, John Godwin The Frommer/Pasmantier Publishing Corp. good 1979 $5.00 ** Trade Paper
As You Like It; The Students' Series of English Classics edited with intro & notes by Katharine Lee Bates, Wellesley College Leach, Shewell, & Sanborn, Boston, NY, Chicago poor 1896 $15.00 ** hardback
Astounding New Discoveries Karl Sabiers, M.A. Christian Books for the World Very Good 1948 $10.00 ** paper
Astronomy A to Z Edited by Lloyd Motz Universal Reference Library fair 1964 $15.00 ** hardback
At Ease: Stories I tell to Friends Dwight D. Eisenhower Doubleday & Co., Inc., Garden City, NY very good 1967 $30.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
At Home in Mitford Jan Karon Lion Publishing good 1994 $5.00 ** paperback
Atlas of Florida Erwin Raiz & Assoc. University of Florida Press fair 1964 $5.00 ** soft cover; some water damage
Authors of Confusion Robert R. Gustafson Grace Publishing Company, P.O. Box 23385, Tampa, FL 33622 Good 1971 $4.00 ** *


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Baker's Handbook of Bible Lists Andrew E. Hill Baker Book House good 1981 $10.00 ** paperback
Balancing the Christian Life Charles Caldwell Ryrie Moody Press, Chicago fair 1975 $5.00 ** paperback
Baptist Distinctives W.R. White Sunday School Board, Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tennessee good 1946 $15.00 ** paperback
Baptist Hymnal Edited by Walter Hines Sims Convention Press, Nashville, Tennessee very poor 1956 $5.00 ** with black plastic Baptist Hymnal book cover
Barbecue American Style Beatrice Foods Wallace B. Black, Inc., Chicago Excellent 1971 $5.00 ** Trade Paper
Bar-B-Q Basics All New Edition How to Start-What You Need-How and What to Cook (4 copies) Edited by Elaine Beatson, Mary Collins, Carol Dering, Phyllis Corstorphine CharmGlow Excellent no date $6.00 ** Trade Paper
Basic Bible Studies Francis A. Schaeffer Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. good 1974, 7th printing $10.00 ** paperback
Basic Mathematics Skills and Applications Merle Wood, Thomas Hendricks, Susan Muller Gregg Division, McGraw-Hill Book Co. Excellent 1983 $30.00 ** Text Book
Basic Sailing * American Red Cross excellent 1966 $5.00 ** paperback
Be Strong Maltbie Davenport Babcock E.P. Dutton & Co., NY; Ernest Nister, London good 1901 $30.00 ** hardback
Beginner Bible Lessons Vol 3 #4 July Quarter 1954 Allan Hart Jahsmann Concordia Publishing House fair 1951 $10.00 ** paper
Beginning Arithmetic Revised Edition Help Yourself Series planned by Gladys M. Horn; Illustrated by Dorothea J. Snow Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, WI fair 1955 $12.00 ** paperback
Beijing Scenes No Author Beijing Publishing good no date $20.00 ** hardback
Best Budget Recipes Editor: Neil Kuehnl Better Homes and Gardens good 1973 $7.00 ** Magazine
Best Hymns No. 2 for the Services of Song in Christian Work Compiled by Rev. Harold F. Sayles; Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman, Musical Editor * * no date $10.00 ** Hyde Park Congregational Church, St. Louise MO; contains many biographical tidbits about various writers & composers; was a cloth cover; very tattered
Best Science Fiction Stories of Clifford D. Simak * Paperback Library Edition fair 1972 $5.00 ** paperback
Bethany--A Story of the Old South Thomas E. Watson--probably 1st edition D. Appleton and Company, New York and London good 1904 $40.00 ** hardback
Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book (binder) Revised Edition * Better Homes and Gardens fair 1950 $25.00 ** Binder
Better Homes & Gardens Creative Cooking Library Barbecues and Picnics * Meredith Press excellent 1963 $12.00 ** hardback
Better Homes & Gardens Creative Cooking Library Best Buffets * Meredith Press excellent 1963 $10.00 ** hardback
Better Homes & Gardens Creative Cooking Library Meals in Minutes * Meredith Press excellent 1963 $10.00 ** hardback
Better Homes & Gardens Creative Cooking Library So Good Meals * Meredith Press excellent 1963 $10.00 ** hardback
Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two Cook Book Illustrated by Charles Harper Simon and Schuster, New York good 1958 $5.00 ** Spiral bound
Beyond Ourselves: A Woman's Pilgrimage in Faith Catherine Marshall McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. fair 1961 $14.00 ** hardback; damaged dust cover
Bible Encyclopedia for Children Cecil Northcott Westminster Press, Philadelphia Good 1964 $15.00 ** hardback
Bible Numerics Oswald Thompson Allis Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Co., Philadelphia good 1961 $14.00 ** paperback
Bible Primer Marian Madison The Metropolitan Church Assn. Fair 1941 $9.00 ** *
Bible Readings Isaac Errett Standard Pub., Cincinnati fair 1913 $30.00 ** paperback
Billy Graham Campaign Songs Singing Evangelism spiral bound Compiled by Cliff Barrows The Rodeheaver-Hall-Mack Co. good 1950 $9.00 ** paperback
Billy Graham Crusade Songs Compiled by Cliff Barrows The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association good 1960 $9.00 ** paperback
Billy Graham Crusade Songs Compiled by Cliff Barrows The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association good 1960 $9.00 ** paperback
Billy Sunday Speaks None Given Zondervan Books good 1937 $28.00 ** hardback
Biography of a Business 1792-1942 Marquis James-1st edition Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis good 1942 $25.00 ** hardback
Bird Life in Wington John Calvin Reed Eerdman's Pub., Grand Rapids, Mich. fair 1955 $75.00 ** hardback
Birds of Florida George S. Fichter E.A. Seemann, Miami, FL good 1971 $15.00 ** hardback, with dust jacket
Blood and Honor Reinhold Kerstan World Wide Publications good 1983 $5.00 ** paperback
Blow Upon My Garden John H. Bostrom Bostrom Publications fair 1951 $8.00 ** paperback
Blueprint Reading for the Building Trades, First Edition, Third Impression Joseph E. Kenney McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. Good 1944 $15.00 ** hardback
Boat Building Howard I. Chapelle W.W. Norton & Co., NY,NY good 1941 $25.00 ** hardback
Book of Common Prayer According to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA * Printed by James Pott & Co. for The Bible and Common Prayer-Book Society of Albany and Its Vicinity Fair; Inscribed: To Mrs. Geo. Daily from G.H.F. Lent 1895; in pencil added Chatham, Columbia Co., New York 1892 $50.00 ** The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacrements; and other Rites and ceremonies of the Church according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church Éeat, Cold, and Gravitation in Producing Harmony in the Movements of the Heavenly Bodies, Both Diurnal and Annual: Together with a New Theory of the Tides: Designed to Expose the Fallacies of the Newtonian System
Books In Print 1956 An Index to the Publishers' Trade List Annual Edited by Herbert B. Anstaett R.R. Bowker Company, New York Good 1956 $15.00 ** hardback
Bookshorts April/May 1977; The Christian Reader Magazine of Condensed Books * Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. fair 1977 $5.00 ** magazine
Borden of Yale Mrs. Howard Taylor Moody Press, Chicago fair no date $5.00 ** paperback
Born Crucified L.E. Maxwell Moody Pocket Books poor 1945 $5.00 ** paperback
Brave Men Ernie Pyle Henry Holt and Company, Inc. fair 1944 $5.00 ** hardback; ex-library
Brer Rabbit's New Orleans Molasses Recipes * Penick & Ford, Ltd., Inc. fair 1948 $12.00 ** paper
Brief Guide to the Smithsonian Institution 8th Edition * Washington, DC fair * $5.00 ** paperback
Brigham Young, Covered Wagon Boy Polly Carver Jordan and Lucy Post Frisbee; illustrated by Gray Morrow The Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc. fair 1962 $12.00 ** hardback
Brightest Beams Our 1939 Book for SInging Schools, Conventions, Etc. (shaped notes) * Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Co., Inc. fair 1938 $15.00 ** paperback
Broken Things: The Ministry of Suffering M.R. DeHaan Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI excellent 1974 14th edition $12.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Albion Press Edition John Bunyan J. & J. Cundee poor 1809? $130.00 ** hardback; front cover off. Rare edition
Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America Edited with Notes and an Introduction by Hammond Lamont GInn and Company Fair 1897 $10.00 ** hardback
Burton Holmes Travelogues: Vol 1, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5, Vol 7 Burton Holmes The Travelogue Bureau, Chicago, New York BIndings and covers are in good condition; Vol I has stains or marks on the front cover; each has a page torn out near the front--maybe was planned? 1899 $15.00 each **
Busy Bodies, A Claire Malloy Mystery Joan Hess A Dutton Book very good 1995 $15.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
By My Spirit Jonathan Goforth Bethany Fellowship, Inc., Minneapolis, MN Very Good 1964 reprint $6.00 ** paperback