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Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Gada Magazine #5 * * excellent * $5.00 ** paperback
Galactic Cluster James Blish Signet Book, New American Library * 1959 $5.00 ** paperback
Garden Indoors Bertha Morris Parker Row Peterson and Company good 1944 $5.00 ** paperback
Gateway to Knowledge of the Bible * C.R. Gibson & Co. good 1935 $10.00 ** paperback
Gayelord Hauser's Treasury of Secrets Gayelord Hauser; illustrated by Velma Ilsley Farrar, Straus and Young good 1963 $8.00 ** hardback with dust jacket folded inside
Gemini: America's Historic Walk in Space United Press International Prentice-Hall, Inc. very poor 1965? $5.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
General Hygiene Frank Overton, A.M., M.D. American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago * 1913 $5.00 ** hardback
Genghis Khan Jacob Abbott St. Hubert Guild, N.Y. poor 1906 $50.00 ** hardback, spine missing cover, otherwise fair
George Muller: Man of Faith Bonnie Harvey Barbour Publishing, Inc., Uhrichsville, OH good 1998 $5.00 ** paperback
Getting On in the World or Hints on Success in Life William Mathews, LL.D. Chicago: S.C. Griggs and Company Fair 1875 $15.00 ** hardback
Ghost Town Album Lambert Florin Bonanza Books, NY good 1962 $7.00 ** hardback
Gipsy Smith's Mission Hymnal None Given The Biglow & Main Co., Chicago & N.Y. good 1906? $15.00 ** hardback
Glad Tidings For Bible Schools, Young People's Societies, Gospel Meetings Thoro Harris, Eureka Springs, Ark. Thoro Harris poor 1941 $20.00 ** paperback
Glory Light * James D. Vaughan, Music Publisher, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. good 1952 $15.00 ** *
God and I Daily Devotions for the Grade School Child signed first edition Gladys A. Sandberg Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, Illinois Excellent 1957 $10.00 ** not found
God Is My Co-Pilot Robert L. Scott, Jr. Blue Ribbon Books, Garden City, New York very poor 1944 $10.00 ** hardback; ex-library
God's Detours in Life John L. Bray, Pastor-Evangelist * Excellent 1954 $12.00 ** paperback
God's Man in Faith and Failure: David (How to be a Christian after God's own heart) signed by author Gene A. Getz G/L Regal Books Good 1979 $5.00 ** *
God's Methods for Holy Living Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI Good 1951 $20.00 ** Cloth binding
God's Plan of Salvation Rev. D.F. Brendle Berkemeyer Fair 1896 $20.00 ** hardback
God's POW; first edition paperback Bill Rittenhouse, Southside Baptist Church, Miami, FL Bill Rittenhouse Good 1955 $22.50 ** paperback
God's Will for Your Life S. Maxwell Coder Moody Colportage Library good 1946 $5.00 ** paperback
Golden Anniversary History 1926-1976 University of Miami Charlton W. Tebeau University of Miami Press good 1976 $65.00 ** hardback; first edition
Gone With the Draft Park Kendall Grosset & Dunlap, New York good 1941 $6.00 ** hardback; Love letters of a Trainer
Good Housekeeping Book of Menus, Recipes and Household Discoveries * Good Housekeeping very poor 1922 $7.00 ** Hardback
Good Housekeeping Cookbook Dorothy B. Marsh Good Housekeeping very poor 1955 $5.00 ** *
Good Housekeeping's First Complete Section on How to Use the Home Freezer * The Hearst Corp. good 1966 $10.00 ** paper
Good Housekeeping's Guide to Successful Homemaking Revised Edition * Good Housekeeping good 1961 $10.00 ** Hardback
Good Housekeeping's Hamburger & Hot Dog Book Novel Uses for America's Favorite Meats drawings by Suzanne Snider Consolidated Book Publishers, Chicago good 1958 $5.00 ** paperback
Good Morals and Gentle Manners Alex M. Gow, A.M. Wilson, Hinkle & Co., Cincinnati, NY Poor 1873 $10.00 ** Hardcover
Goodbye Mr. President Salem Kirban Salem Kirban Publishers fair 1974 $5.00 ** trade cover
Good-bye, Mr. Chips James Hilton Grosset & Dunlap, New York good 1934 $3.00 ** *
Gospel Hymns No Author Biglow & Main poor 1886 $10.00 ** hardback
Grandmother's Household Hints Helen Lyon Adamson Chilton Books good 1963 $15.00 ** hardback, with plastic dust jacket
Great American Folk Heroes Lewy Olfson; Illustrations by Richard D. Wolf Xerox Education Publications fair 1972 $5.00 ** paperback
Great Cities of the World * C.S. Hammond and Company, Maplewood, N.J. Good condition; two-toned blue cover; no dust jacket 1958 $24.00 ** *
Great Events of the 20th Century How They Changed Our Lives * The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. fair 1977 $5.00 ** Hardback; some insect damage
Great Hymns of the Faith (Expressway Baptist Church) Compiled and Edited by John W. Peterson Singspiration, Inc., Zondervan Publishing House good 1972 $7.00 ** 14th printing
Great Reading from Life: 70 of the best stories and articles chosen by the editors * Popular Library Edition poor 1962 $5.00 ** paperback
Great Songs of the Gospel Compiled by Al Smith Moody Press good 1945 $8.00 ** paperback
Greater Miami & The Beaches Visitor's Guide Gregory J. Cordna International Voyager Media good 1996 $5.00 ** paperback
Greetings From Old Kentucky Allan M. Trout--probably 1st edition The Courier-Journal, Louisville good 1947 $10.00 ** hardback
Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales * Nelson Doubleday Inc. fair no date $5.00 ** hardback; book club edition
Growing Up for God Walter Lewis Wilson, M.D. Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI fair 1942 $10.00 ** paperback
Guadalcanal Diary Richard Tregaskis Random House, NY Good 1943 $5.00 ** First Printing
Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures J. Vernon McGee Thru the Bible Radio Network, Pasadena CA * no date $5.00 ** no cover
Guyot's Geographical Series: The Earth and Its Inhabitants. Common-School Geography * Charles Scribner's Sons, New York poor 1871 $15.00 ** Hardcover


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
H. Hentz & Co. 1856-1956 No Author H. Hentz & Co. good 1956 $10.00 ** hardback
Hagar's A Common School Arithmetic D.B. Hagar, Ph.D. Philadelphia: Cowperthwait & Co. Fair 1877 $15.00 ** hardback
Hagers-Town Almanac 1860 * John Gruber Fair 1860 $25.00 ** paperback
Hagers-Town Town and Country Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1989 * The Gruber Almanack Co., Hagerstown, MD good 1988 $2.00 ** paper
Half Hours With Servants of God with aCompendium of the History of the Catholic Church many Murphy & McCarthy, 20 Warren St., New York Poor 1889 $47.50 ** *
Hammond Past Worlds The TImes Atlas of Archaeology * Hammond, Inc. Excellent 1988 $45.00 ** Hardback with good dust jacket; Mary Francis Volker 1/11/90
Handbook for Sunday-School Workers Rev. William B. Olmstead W.B. Rose, Publisher, 1132 Washington Boulevard, Chicago Good 1914 $10.00 ** *
Handbook of Bible Geography with Descriptive and Historical Notes Rev. George H. Whitney, A.M. New York: Carlton & Lanahan; San Francisco: E. Thomas; Cincinnati: Hitchcock & Walden Good 1871 $8.00 ** *
Handbook of Mechanical Design George F. Nordenholt, Joseph Kerr, John Sasso McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. Good 1942 $18.00 ** *
Handfuls of Help for "Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, Unto the Edifying of the Body of Christ" E.A. Hewitt Glasgow: Pickering & Inglis; London: Alfred Holness, 14 Paternoster Row; New York: D.T. Bass, 54 West 22 Street fair by 1910 $14.00 ** *
Handfuls of Purpose Mrs. Charles Cowman Cowman Publications, Inc. good 1955 $18.00 ** hardback
Harmony in Dress * Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Scranton PA good 1933 $5.00 ** *
Harper's Bible Commentary William Neal Harper & Row good 1975 $15.00 ** paperback
Harper's Illuminated New Pictorial Bible #9 (1842), #2 (1843), #3 (1843), #15 (1843), #25 (1843) * Harper Bros., NY very poor 1843 $35.00 ** paper
Hawthorne's Wonder-Book, with a Mythological Index, Riverside Literature Series Numbers 17 & 18 Nathaniel Hawthorne Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston very poor 1898 $25.00 ** hardback
Healing in Answer to Prayer John R. Rice, D.D., Litt.D. Sword of the Lord Publishers, Wheaton, IL Good 1957 $15.00 ** *
Heart Talks on Holiness (Fifth Edition) Colonel S.L. Brengle The Salvation Army Printing and Publishing House, 122 West 14th Street, New York Fair 1910 $25.00 ** *
Hearth and Home, Augusta, Maine, September 1929 * The Vickery and Hill Publishing Co. very poor 1929 $10.00 ** paper
Heartland Today Magazine Audrey Vickers, editor Heartland Today good Summer 1988 $5.00 each ** softcover
Heaven, Our Home: The Christian Doctrine of the Resurrection; showing Man the Victor over SIn and Death Rev. G.W. Quinby, D.D. Gospel Banner Office, Augusta, Me Fair 1880 $9.00 ** *
Helen Keller, the Story of My Life Helen Keller Watermill Press very poor 1980 $7.00 ** hardback
Heloise all around the house Heloise The Benjamin Co./Pocket Book fair 1967 $7.00 ** paperback
Heloise all around the house Heloise Prentice-Hall, Inc. good 1965 $14.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
Heloise's Housekeeping Hints Heloise Pocket Books, NY good 1965 $5.00 ** paperback
Heloise's Housekeeping Hints Heloise Pocket Books, NY fair 1966 $5.00 ** paperback
Heloise's Kitchen Hints Heloise The Benjamin Co./Pocket Book * 1965 $5.00 ** paperback
Heloise's Kitchen Hints Heloise Prentice-Hall, Inc. good 1963 $12.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
Heloise's Kitchen Hints Heloise Pocket Books, NY good 1963 $5.00 ** paperback
Heloise's Work & Money Savers Heloise Cruse Pocket Books, NY good 1971 $5.00 ** paperback
Heloise's Work & Money Savers Heloise Cruse Pocket Books, NY good 1968 $5.00 ** paperback
Henrietta Mears and How She Did It Ethel May Baldwin and David V. Benson Regal/Gospel Light Publishers poor 1966 $5.00 ** paperback
Henrietta Mears and How She Did It Ethel May Regal Books good 1966 $10.00 ** paperback
Here's How! Jack Odell Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI fair 1956 $7.00 ** paper
Heritage of '76 Jay P. Dolan, editor University of Notre Dame Press good ? $10.00 ** hardback
History of Ancient Civilization Volume I The Ancient Near East and Greece Albert A. Trever Harcourt, Brace & Workd, Inc., New York fair 1936 $15.00 ** hardback
History of the Conquest of Mexico 2 vols. William H. Prescott A.L. Burt Company Publishers, NY good 1843 $45.00 ** hardback
History of the United States from the Earliest Discovery of America to the Present Time Vol I-VI E. Benjamin Andrews New York: Charles Scribner's Sons good 1916 $75.00 ** hardback
History of the United States Revised Editon Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard The Macmillan Company very poor 1932 $10.00 ** hardback
Holiday Magazine Guide to Paris Holiday Magazine Travel Guide Random House, NY good 1971 $6.00 ** Trade Paper
Holiday Magazine Guide to Rome * Random House, NY fair 1971 $5.00 ** Trade Paper
Holy Bible Mountain Peaks * B.B. Kirkbride Bible Co., Inc., Indianapolis, IN Excellent 1976 $4.00 ** *
Home Department Members * David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Ill Fair 1924 $15.00 ** paperback
Home Evangelization One of the Secretaries of the American Tract Society Religous Tract Society fair c.1840 $75.00 ** hardback
Home Evangelization: A View of the Wants and Prospects of Our Country, based on the Facts and Relations of Colportage One of the Secretaries of the American Tract Society American Tract Society Fair 1849? $45.00 ** *
Home Freezing for Everyone 3rd Printing Lura Jim Alkire & Stanley Schuler M. Barrows & Company, Inc., NY good 1950 $5.00 ** hardback
Home Study Bible Courses Correspondence School Moody Bible Institute Catalog * Moody Press, Chicago fair no date $12.00 ** paperback
Homes and Flowers Refreshing Arrangements Vol. 3 Laura Lee Burroughs The Coca Cola Co. fair 1942 $15.00 ** paperback
Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead--possibly 1st edition Anne Morrow Lindbergh Harcourt, Brace & Co., Inc., New York good 1973 $10.00 ** hardback
Houston's New Physical Geography, Revised Edition Edwin J. Houston, A.M. Philadelphia: Published by Eldredge & Brother, No. 17 North Seventh Street, poor 1892 $22.00 ** hardback
How in the World? A Fascinating Journey Through the World of Human Ingenuity * Reader's Digest very good 1990 $5.00 ** hardback
How to Get the Most out of Your Sunbeam Mixmaster * Sunbeam Corporation good no date $5.00 ** paperback
How to Keep Green Iguanas Dr. Florence Gutierrez Lloyd Printing, Miami Good Approx. 1975 $5.00 ** paperback
How to Make A Special Diet Taste Extra Special Harry J. Johnson, M.D. Grocery Store Products Co. * 1964 $5.00 ** paper
How to Make Good Pictures, A Handbook for the Everyday Photographer Eastman Kodak Company Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N.Y. Fair 1943 $20.00 ** *
How to Make the Most of Your Freezer Part No. F 84341 C * with White-Westinghouse owner's guide * * $10.00 ** paperback
How to Read a Person Like a Book Gerard I. Nierenberg and Henry H. Calero Pocket Books, NY good 1973 3rd Printing $5.00 ** paperback
How to Read the Bible by Symbols Frank Beard J.L. Nichols, Naperville, Ill. Good 1903 $15.00 ** hardback
How to Survive on Land and Sea: Individual Survival Office of the Chief of Naval Operations United States Navy United States Naval Institute fair 1943 $15.00 ** hardback with cover damage
How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie Simon & Schuster, NY Fair 1937 $8.00 ** Hardback; old library copy
Hurricanes of the Caribbean Jose Carlos Millas-1st edition Academy of the Arts good 1968 $175.00 ** hardcover
Hymnal for American Youth Edited by H. Augustine Smith, A.M. New York: The Century Co. poor 1923 $15.00 ** *
Hymnal for Christian Worship * John Knox Press poor 1940 $10.00 ** *
Hymns for the Living Age (the South Church) info missing pages info missing pages very poor 1923? $5.00 ** hardcover
Hymns of Grace and Truth * Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot, 63 Fourth Avenue, New York very poor 1903 $15.00 ** hardback
Hymns of Praise Number Two for the Church and Sunday School Compiled by F.G. Kingsbury Hope Publishing Company, 5707 West Lake Street, Chicago very poor 1925 $8.00 ** hardback
Hymns of Praise Numbers One and Two Combined for the Church and Sunday School Compiled by F.G. Kingsbury Hope Publishing Company, Chicago poor 1953 $6.00 ** hardback
Hymns of Worship and Remembrance * Published by the Gospel Perpetuating Fund, Fort Dodge, Iowa poor 1950 $10.00 ** hardback
Hymns Tried & True Compiled and Edited by D.B. Towner, Director of Music, The Moody Bible Institute The Bible Institute Colportage Association, 826 LaSalle Avenue, Chicago fair 1911? $8.00 ** hardback