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Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
I killed Stalin Sterling Noel Farrar, Straus & Yong, N.Y. good 1951 $8.00 ** hardback
I Never Left Home Bob Hope Simon & Schuster, N.Y. good 1944 $15.00 ** hardback; illustrated by Carl Rose
Illustraded English Social History Volume Two; The Age of Shakespear and the Stuart Period; Illustrations selected by Ruth C. Wright G.M. Trevelyan Longmans, Green and Co. fair 1950 $5.00 ** hardback
Illustrated Digest of Pro Football 1974 Edition Editor Art Poretz Stadia Sports Publishing Inc. fair oct 1974 $7.00 ** Paperback
Illustrirtes Volksliederbuch * Moritz Schauenburg good 1870? $30.00 ** Hard cover
Impressionist Cats Susan Herbert Bulfinch Press, Little, Brown and Company Excellent 1992? $25.00 ** hardback with dust jacket
In His Steps Charles M. Sheldon Good News Publishers, Wheaton good 1962 $5.00 ** paperback
Indians of the Americas Matthew W. Stirling National Geographic Society good 1955 $20.00 ** hardback
Individualizing Tissue-Paper Patterns * Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Scranton PA good 1923 $30.00 ** Paper cover
Information Please 1958 Almanac The Miami Herald Edition MacMillan fair 1957 $5.00 ** Paper cover
Inside the White House Betty Boyd Caroli Canopy Books/Readers Digest Books fine 1994 $25.00 ** hardback
Introduction to Meteorology Second Edition Sverre Petterssen, Ph.D. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. good 1958 $5.00 ** hardback
Introduction to Steel Shipbuilding Baker, Elijah, III, B.S. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., New York and London good 1943 First Edition $35.00 ** hardback; belonged to Ed Larsch
Introductory Psychology through Science Fiction Harvey A. Katz, Patricia Warrick, Martin Harry Greenberg Rand McNally College Publishing Co. fair 1974 $20.00 ** college text paperback
Iron Shoes C. Roy Angell Broadman Press, Nashville, TN good 1953 $5.00 ** Previous owner's name
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine August 31, 1981 Shawna McCarthy, Editor Davis Publications good 1981 $6.00 ** magazine
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine November 23, 1981 Shawna McCarthy, Editor Davis Publications good 1981 $6.00 ** magazine
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine October 1984 Shawna McCarthy, Editor Davis Publications good 1984 $6.00 ** magazine
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine October 1984 Shawna McCarthy, Editor Davis Publications good 1984 $6.00 ** magazine
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine October 26, 1981 George H. Scithers, Editor Davis Publications good 1981 $6.00 ** magazine
It's a Picnic Nancy Fair McIntyre; illustrated by Abner Graboff Viking Books * 1969 $5.50 ** hardback


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Jacqueline Kennedy--A Portrait in Courage Hal Dareff Parent's Magazine Press, N.Y. fair 1965 $9.00 ** hardback
Jacques Cousteau-The Ocean World Edith Pavese, editor Abradale Press fine 1985 $25.00 ** hardback
James Buchanan Edwin P. Hoyt Reilly & Lee Company, Chicago * 1966 $10.00 ** hardback
Janice Meredith, A Story of the American Revolution Paul Leicester Ford Grosset & Dunlap, New York Fair 1899 $15.00 ** hardback
Jesse- The Man Who Outran Hitler Jesse Owens Login Int., Plainfield, N.J. fine 1978 $15.00 ** hardback
Jewish Holy Days Coulson Shepherd Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot, 63 Fourth Avenue, New York Good 1974 3rd Ed. $13.00 ** hardback
Jiffy Gelatine Dishes Masterpieces of Blend 'n Gel * Knox Gelatine, Johnstown, NY good no date $5.00 ** paper
Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter Gary Allen 76 Press fair 1976 $5.00 ** paperback
Joe Camp's The Phenomenon of Benji Frank Inn Bantam Books fair 1977 $5.00 ** paperback
Joe Franklin's Encyclopedia of Comedians Joe Franklin The Citadel Press, Seacaucus, NJ fair 1979 $5.00 ** paperback
John Adams and the American Revolution Catherine Drinker Bowen Little, Brown and Co., Boston poor 1950 $5.00 ** hardback
John Martin's Book The Child's Magazine John Martin & Helen Waldo, editors John Martin's House, N.Y. good 1926 $20.00 ** hardback; Monthly magazines bound together probably by Gloomsburg Pub. Library
John Newton Out of the Depths An Autobiography John Newton Moody Press, Chicago good no date $10.00 ** paperback; Richard E. Melvin
John Ploughman's Talk or Plain Advice for Plain People Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon Philadelphia: Henry Altemus Company very poor no date $3.00 ** *
John Quincy Adams: A Biography of the Sixth President of the United States Edwin P. Hoyt Reilly & Lee Company, Chicago poor 1963 $8.00 ** hardback
Jokes and Riddles to Read Aloud Oscar Weigle, Compiler Jessica Zemsky, Illustrator Wonder Books, New York fair 1962 $5.00 ** paperback; small square cut out of title page? ex-library
Joy to the World for the Church and Sunday School Round Note Edition Edited and Compiled by E.O. Excell Hope Publishing Company, Chicago fair 1915 $10.00 ** paperback
Junior Hymns and Songs (LeJeune Presbyterian Church Junior Department) Edited and Compiled by Elizabeth McE. Shields John Knox Press poor 1938 $5.00 ** *
Just Talks on Common Themes signed first edition Arthur G. Staples Lewiston Journal Publishing Co., Lewiston, Maine fair 1919 $19.95 ** *
Just Why (inscribed in gold on the cover to Mom & Dad from the author who was President of Wheaton at the time) V. Raymond Edman Scripture Press Foundation, Wheaton Excellent 1956 $9.00 ** *
Juvenile Scholar's Quarterly, Vol 17 #4 (published October for 4th Quarter 1895 David C. Cook, editor David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Ill fair 1895 $25.00 ** paper
Juvenile Scholar's Quarterly, Vol 18 #3 (published July for 3rd Quarter 1896 David C. Cook, editor David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Ill Fair: some water damage caused mildew 1896 $25.00 ** paper


Title Author/Compiler Publisher Condition Date Price Purchase Type or Comment
Land From the Sea John Edward Hoffmeister--probably 1st edition University of Miami Press fine 1974 $20.00 ** hardback
Last Chapter Ernie Pyle Henry Holt and Company, Inc. good 1946 $10.00 ** Hardback
Last Words of Saints and Sinners Herbert Lockyer Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI good 1975 2nd printing $10.00 ** paperback
Lavender & Old Lace Myrtle Reed (Skippy Cummings book) New York: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers Fair; some bug damage 1902 $15.00 ** hardback
Leap of Faith (signed by author) Norman P. Grubb Christian Literature Crusade, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania Fair 1962 $18.00 ** *
Learn Touch Typewriting in 4 hours at home * Star Sales Company, NY * 1945 $6.00 ** paper
L'Enseignement du Bouddha, The Teaching of Buddha Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai Kosaido Printing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Excellent 1966 $14.00 ** Hardback
Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, New York, July 19, 1894 * Arkell Weekly, NY fair 1894 $18.00 ** paper
Let Us Go to Jesus Signed by author (Robert Hession's book) Rev. F. X. Lasance Benziger Brothers, Inc. Poor 1931 $500.00 ** hardback; rare, signed by author
Let Voices Ring Here's a Song for All Compiled and Arranged by Ruth Heller and Walter Goodell Hall & McCreary Company, Chicago fair 1949 $10.00 ** *
Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit Adelle Davis Signet Books good 1970 $5.00 ** paperback
Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit Adelle Davis Harcourt, Brace & Workd, Inc., New York good 1954 $10.00 ** Hardback
Letters of a Leatherneck Cornelius Vanderbreggan, Jr.--1st edition Continental Press, Philadelphia good 1948 $10.00 each ** paperback
Library of the World's Best Literature Ancient and Modern, Vol. XVII; Charles Dudley Warner Edition Limited and Registered Charles Dudley Warner, Editor The International Society, NY very poor 1896 $20.00 ** hardback
Life and Its Marvels: Plant: Animal: Human International Pictorial Treasury of Knowledge * International Graphic Society, Englewood Cliffs, NY fair * $5.00 ** hardback
Life Magazine: August 20, 1971 Princess Anne cover * Time Inc. fair 1971 $10.00 ** Magazine
Life Magazine: Dec 23 1966 30th Anniversary Special Double Issue George P. Hunt, Managing Editor Time Inc. fair 1966 $15.00 ** paperback
Life Nature Library: The Sea Engel, Leonard and the Editors of Time-Life Books Time-Life Books, New York good 1969 $6.00 ** hardback
Life of Christ Rev. James Stalker Fleming H. Revell Company, New York, Chicago, Toronto, London & Edinburgh poor 1880, 2nd edition $25.00 ** hardback
Life's Golden Lamp for Daily Devotional Use (with signatures of many ministers who contributed) Edited by Rev. R.M. Offord New York: New York Observer, 37 and 38 Park Row poor 1890 $12.00 ** *
Lincoln Road Magazine #7 * * excellent * $5.00 ** Drea deMatteo cover
Lincoln's Addresses Inaugurals, and Letters together with with Macaulay's Two Speeches on Copyright edited by Percival Chubb and Joseph Wayne Barley, A.M., Ph.D. The Macmillan Company good 1927 $7.00 ** Hardback
Listen! The Wind Anne Morrow Lindbergh Harcourt, Brace & Co., Inc., New York good 1938 $10.00 ** hardback; 5th edition
Literary Characteristics of the Holy Scriptures J.M. McCulloch, D.D., Minister of the West Church, Greenock Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale Court, Edinburgh fair 1847 $25.00 ** Hardback
Lives of the Hunted Ernest Seton-Thompson Charles Scribner's Sons, New York Good condition; beautifully illustrated throughout with drawings on many pages. 1901 $50.00 ** first edition
Living Praise Hymnal Compiled by John W. Peterson Singspiration, Inc., Zondervan Publishing House fair 1974 $8.00 ** *
Lodges Examined by the Bible John R. Rice, D.D., Litt.D. Sword of the Lord Publishers, Wheaton, IL fair 1943 $10.00 ** paperback
Loft Magazine December 2004 * * excellent 2004 $5.00 ** The Art Issue
Loft Magazine December 2004 * * excellent 2004 $5.00 ** The Art Issue
Loft Magazine March 2005 * * excellent 2005 $8.00 ** Gisela Dulko cover
London In Your Pocket * Barron's Educational Series good 1982 $3.90 ** Trade Paper
Lone Woman Dorothy Clarke Wilson Little, Brown and Co., Boston good 1970 $7.00 ** hardback; 2nd printing
Look and Live Songs (Round Note Edition) B.B. McKinney, Music Director The Broadman Press, Nashville, Tennessee fair 1945 $7.00 ** good condition; dirty and coloring marks by a child
Look Magazine June 24, 1947 Gardner Cowles, President and Editor Cowles Magazines good 1947 $8.00 ** paper
Louiseville May 20, 1960 Helen G. Henry, Editor Louisville Chamber of Commerce very good 1960 $10.00 ** paper
Luther's Small Catechism; with Additions, Including The Augsburg Confession Translated from the Original German * G.W. Fredrick, by Authority of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania, Etc. good 1855 $30.00 ** Hardback
Lyndon Baines Johnson Helen D. Olds G.P. Putnam's Sons, NY fair 1965 $6.00 ** hardback